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Sat. Nov 30th 2019
Although we no longer have our training center, we are still an organization committed to the training of firefighters. We continue to conduct monthly meetings at the East Kingston FD Station # 1 on t...
Tue. Jul 23rd 2019
The annual meeting of the Board of Directors with the annual elections of officers of the Ulster Fire/Rescue Training Center Association was held after the July Director's meeting. In addition to ...
Sat. Nov 10th 2018
To Member Companies: Once again it is time for dues. One of the benefits of being a member is we offer free OSHA 8 hour refresher courses. This could save you hundreds of dollars as this is a yearly r...
Mon. Sep 10th 2018
John Stinemire, P.E., Consulting Engineer, has performed an inspection of the fire training structure (burn building) and the only fault found was a loose anchor bolt which has become detached from th...
Mon. Jun 25th 2018
Appointments . ** Secretary/Treasurer - Mary Ann Rittie - Maintain Association reports, financial records, minutes, etc. * Laws, Rules & Regulations Review - Board of Directors - Review current By...
Events Calendar
Directors Meeting
Every 4th Tuesday 7:30pm

The Board of Directors of the Ulster Fire/Rescue Training Center Association meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. All delegates and alternates are welcomed at this meeting. Each Director Company has a delegate (who is the Director representing his/her company) and as many alternates as they wish. Also, each Member Company has a delegate and as many alternates as they wish. The business of the association is conducted at this meeting.

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